Do you want to take a big bath in nature?


without neglecting your comfort?


Then come and discover our Bulles d'Herbe in Haute-Loire, in the south of the Auvergne!

Although the three Bubbles have been built in the same way, they each have a different atmosphere.





We have designed our ecolodges with our heads, our hands and above all our hearts... 


The layout of each bubble has been thought out and designed specifically for this place and for the well-being of the people who live there. It is therefore our composition and that of the Atelier du Fer Luisant with Laurent.

For us, luxury can only be summed up in the comfort and nobility of the materials used. Of course, we have favoured the use of solid wood, glass and metal, as well as quality equipment, including a private spa for each Bubble. But this feeling of luxury that one feels at Les Bulles d'Herbe is also linked to the intention that we have put into the realisation of things as well as the possibility of taking advantage of what nature offers us: the calm, the space, the variety of fauna and flora...


We hope that this attention to detail will make your stay in our Bubbles unforgettable!

PrioritY GIVEN TO calm...


 Les Bulles d'Herbe is located on the outskirts of the village, as the road leading to it only serves one other house after Les Bulles d'Herbe.

private and sheltered parking space for more comfort!
Car Port protects from the weather and accommodates photovoltaic panels!


Moreover, in order not to be disturbed by the movements of other guests, access by car is forbidden within the Bulles d'Herbe.




Each Bubble has a sheltered parking space reserved at the entrance to the site.

Finally, each bubble is oriented in such a way that it is not opposite to the others. Once your car is parked, you will be in your "Bubble", including outside on your terrace, you will not see what is happening in the other Bubbles...


We were talking about luxury...

RESPIRANDO is a brand created and registered by the Haute-Loire department to promote outdoor activities.



Respirando is also a state of mind, that of a department which :

- offers its customers quality outdoor activities

- offers a network of diversified and quality accommodation with guaranteed services

- develops a dynamic eco-tourism approach



Our accessibility efforts have been rewarded 


By the Tourism and Handicap label


For the Bulle de Pierre

In line with our philosophy but also with the "practical" reality, 

in 2020, Les Bulles d'Herbe obtained the "Green Key" certification