WHY THIS concept ?


Les Bulles d'herbe was born from a desire to share these landscapes, these paths in the middle of the sucs (the small volcanoes of the Haute Loire), these encounters with the animals... while offering accommodation in line with our values!


We therefore had 3 priorities:

- to integrate the ecolodges into the landscape as much as possible

- to offer a feeling of immersion in nature while enjoying a high level of interior comfort

- leave as small an ecological footprint as possible


By combining these three priorities, we naturally opted for semi-underground constructions where only the glass façades emerge from the ground!





The Bubbles are all south-facing to take maximum advantage of the sunshine and to heat the Bubbles naturally in the cooler months!  They are also very well insulated which means that little wood is used if the stove needs to be lit.

Don't worry about the summer: the blinds block the unwelcome heat and the buried walls provide a significant inertia!



We have also installed photovoltaic panels in 2021 in order to be autonomous on part of our electricity production.

In this logic, the spas are no longer powered from 11pm to 11am: this does not prevent bathing! 

Almost all the bulbs are LED and the outside lights are solar powered.

Of course, all the household appliances are recent in order to be as economical as possible.



At Bulles d'Herbe, the only watering is from the sky! This means that you can potentially find yellowed grass in the meadow and on the roofs in the middle of summer...

The quality of the water in the spas is monitored on a daily basis, so that it does not need to be systematically drained between each stay.



They are all with the Ecolabel. We provide a washable sponge to avoid plastic sponges.



We provide waste bins for recycling packaging and composting.

The meals we offer are mainly in glass containers so that they can be reused.



The area in front of the Bubbles is maintained by a robot.  We leave certain areas such as the roofs and the mounds with tall grass for biodiversity.



We commute to and from the Bubbles by bike... except when it snows!



We have only used local companies.

The walls are insulated with wood wool.

The cladding and the terrace are made of douglas fir from the Haute Loire.

The parquet floor is made of French oak.




Sophie and Laurent... a quick summary of the situation:

- professional reconversion for both of them... Sophie is a former PE teacher and Laurent is a former local engineer.

- Passionate about travel and discovery... our excursions have made us aware that we live in a wonderful region... hence the desire to make it known by offering unusual accommodation!

- Lovers of nature and outdoor sports, with a special mention for trail running.

- very sensitive to ecology ... which impacts our way of building, eating, consuming, moving, etc...

- Experienced handymen +++: Laurent is the one who customizes the Bubbles! 

- 3 children... who are now big teenagers!

- lots of animals: dogs, cats, donkeys, chickens and all those who come to visit us! (salamanders, frogs and toads, hedgehogs, bats...)