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Subject to availability 



The jars come from our neighbours (Ardeche) : the Marc Sandevoir canning factory, a family business working with local and quality products.

Repas traiteur avec viande locale et fromage de pays.

 Meal "Bocaux Artisanaux Chauds" (Hot artisanal jars for 1 person)

34€ per person. To be reheated on the spot, 15' in the oven.

Minimum 2 meals. (Delivered with bread)


1 jar of 180g for 2 people of "Foie gras au cœur de mon pâté"


1 jar of 200g to be chosen among :

- Blanquette of veal with green pepper

- Sauté of duck with prunes and carrots


1 jar of side dishes to choose from:


- Parmentier of vegetables (200g)

- Creamy Risotto with wild mushrooms (200g)

- AOC du Puy green lentils with garlic (120g)


Local cheese OR organic yoghurt


1 dessert to choose from :

- Lemon tart

- Chocolate success 

- 1 jar of 70g "chestnut and chocolate duo

Assiette de charcuterie locale et fromage de pays et/ou bio

Plate of local charcuterie

40€ per plate. Subject to availability



- 3 slices of white ham

- 3 slices of cured ham

- 1 slice of pâté de campagne

- 6 slices of sausage

- gherkins

- bread


Possibility to reserve, in addition, cheese (3€ per person) and wine

Meal "Bocaux Froids" (Cold jars for 2 persons)

 38€ (without bread)


  •  jar of 120 g "Eggplant caviar with basil
  • 2 x 250g jars "Salad with lentils, ham & mustard carrot purée
  • 2 x 70g jars "chestnut and chocolate duo

Bocal artisanal local. Healthy food

2 bocaux pour 1 repas (2 jars for 1 meal for 1 person) 

18€ (to be reheated, while stocks last, without bread)


1 jar of meat to choose from :

- duck sauté with prunes and carrots (200g)

- blanquette of veal with green pepper (200g)


+ 1 side dish to choose from :

- green lentils from Puy (120g)

- creamy risotto with wild mushrooms (200g)

- vegetable parmentier (230g)

Petit déjeuner intégralement biologiques avec du pain fait maison !


Breakfast ... all organic !

8€ per person per day. Drop off at the door between 8am and 8.30am. 

Minimum 2 breakfasts per morning.


Bread (semi-complete flour)



Bottled fruit juice

Tea, coffee or milk



So there is NO fruit, cake, croissants, ham, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, cereals ;-)...


As it is not always possible to deliver breakfasts, they cannot be booked online.

You will have to ask us by mail 1 month before your stay.






We offer the following drinks (subject to availability):

- Bière Blonde Leffe 25cl : 2 €

- Pinot Gris : 10 €

- Rosé des Cevennes : 7 €

- Côte du Rhône Bio : 10 €

- Champagne  - 75cl : 35 €