All prices are inclusive of VAT

Catering is not our main activity, so we ask you to reserve at least 5 days before your stay and to choose the same menu so that we can organize ourselves.

Assiette de charcuterie locale et fromage de pays et/ou bio

 Plate of local charcuterie 

15€ per person. Minimum 2


For 2 people (30€) :

- 3 slices of white ham

- 3 slices of raw ham

- 1 slice of country pâté

- 6 sausage slices

- pickles

- Bread


Possibility to reserve in addition to cheese (3 € per person) and wine

Repas traiteur avec viande locale et fromage de pays.


Capitolien catering meal

32 € per person. To be reheated on the spot.

(29 € without entry)

Minimum 2 menus

The dishes proposals can be modified according to the possibilities of the caterer which vary according to the season!

Depending on the dates, the dishes may have been frozen.


- 1 slice of porcini terrine (or country pâté) OR goat cheese / sesame puff pastry

- Beef steak with roquefort sauce OR Grenadine of veal with porcini mushrooms

- Potato-based side dish (aligot, gratin dauphinois, etc ...)

- Country cheese OR organic yogurt

- Lemon pie OR chocolate success



Petit déjeuner intégralement biologiques avec du pain fait maison !


Continental breakfast ... all organic!

€ 8 per person per day. Drop off in front of the door between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

Minimum 2 breakfasts per morning.

Subject to availability.


- Homemade bread (semi-wholemeal flour)

- Jam

- Butter

- Bottled fruit juice

- Tea, coffee or milk





We offer the following drinks on reservation (subject to availability):

- Leffe Blond Beer 25cl: € 1

- Local beer "Vellavia" Blonde 33 cl: € 3

- Pinot Gris: € 10

- Rosé des Cevennes: € 7

- Organic Côte du Rhône: € 10

- Champagne N. Feuillate: € 32